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Best Tin Snips 2022: Reviews & Topicks

It is a tough task of cutting through a metal demands a tool that does not surrender to the abuse- do not allow a place for worries because the best tin snips got you covered.

However, not all tin snips are strong enough, to carry out all kinds of jobs. Also, when you go to buy the best pair, you get bombarded with different kinds of models, making it difficult to make the selection.

The list given below has curated the best tin snips 2022 to make it easier to decide the one that can truly stand up your expectations.

Best Tin Snips Reviews

1. MIDWEST Aviation tin snip MWT-6716B

MIDWEST Bulldog Aviation Tin Snip – Straight Cut Regular Tin Cutting Shears with Forged Blade & KUSH’N-POWER Comfort Grips – MWT-6716B

Take the precision of delivering cuts to a new level with the MIDWEST Aviation tin snip. The tool possesses extra-long shears for cutting that can easily maneuver snips of tough materials for trustworthy performance. The compound leverage cutting act increases the force by 8 times for the convenience of operation.

The MIDWEST Aviation MWT-6716B snip is going to become your favorite pair of tin snips as it features soft grip, excellent durability, and amazing power. Also, MIDWEST is one of the best tin snips brand. The tin snip can deliver cuts via 24-gauge steel. The precision-ground blades of the snip deliver accurate cuts and do not bend the metal while cutting. The tin snip possesses an ergonomic anti-slip handle and is a great option for cutting in straight lines and curves. Moreover, the great thing is that you get these amazing features at affordable prices.

2. MALCO Max 2000

Malco M2006C MAX2000 Classic Offset Left Cut Aviation Snips

Malco Max 2000 is designed to increase the efficiency of your work. The tool actively supports you in completing your work as it keeps you comfortable while you work continuously. The tool can fit comfortably in your right as well as left hand. Also, it can be used with one hand. The tin snip possesses a narrow opening of the grip that enables you to use the snip irrespective of the size of your hands.

Moreover, the serrations present on the lower jaw of the snips allow the user to deliver cuts more effectively via the material. Also, the serrations maintain the grip of the blade with the material, thus making it easier to cut. The Malco Max 2000 is available in three variations- straight, right-angled, and left-angled.

3.Wiss M3R 9-3/4’’ Metal Master compound action snip

Crescent Wiss 9-3/4′ MetalMaster Compound Action Snips – Straight, Left and Right Cut – M3R

The Wiss Metal Master action snip is a straight-cut snip that is designed for professional use. It can also cut slight curves. The spring-action feature of the snip enables easy and fast feeding. The edges of the blades are serrated to deliver cleaner cuts while providing a powerful shearing action. The tool measures 9 ¾ inches and delivers cuts of 1 1/5 inches. This increases speed while cutting metals. The jaws of the snip are anti-slip and are made using molybdenum steel. Also, the material holds the metal firmly for uniform and firm cuts.

Moreover, the steel’s sturdiness minimizes tooth loss for a longer life of the blade. The tool is also capable of dealing with the stress that generates when you cut 18-gauge steel. This kind of tool is especially efficient at delivering cuts in a low carbon-cold rolled sheet of steel.

4. Hurricane 02 24 10 inches tin snip

Hurricane 10 Inch Aviation Tin Snips, Straight Cut, Chrome Vanadium Steel

The Hurricane Aviation tin snips are made using chrome-vanadium steel that possesses enormous tensile strength. The tin snip is made for delivering right, left, and straight cuts. The tool features serrated edges that can handle copper of 17-gauge, 18-gauge carbon steel, 16-gauge aluminum, and stainless steel of 22 gauge. The tool measures 10 inches and can deliver cuts through 1.7mm cold-rolled steel plates. Moreover, the tool consists of a Tyre Grip bi-color handle that you can use even with wet hands. The steel scissors are made using high-quality material to deliver excellent finish.

After you have used the tool, you can switch on its locking latch so that its serrated-edge blades remain protected from impact damages. The safety measures let you enjoy the long life of the CRV blades.

5. Craftsman Aviation snips CMHT73756

CRAFTSMAN Aviation Snips, Straight Cut (CMHT73756)

If you demand precision on your work, then there is no looking back from the craftsman aviation snips CMHT73756. The blades of the snip possess markings that are equally spaced at the distance of an inch. The ¼ inches blades are a great option for delivering precise cuts.

The Craftsman aviation snip works great on thick materials and can handle stainless steel (22-gauge) and cold-rolled steel (18-gauge). The edges of the blades are incredibly sharp and stay the same for a long period (as long as you take good care of them, of course). The tin snip consists of a spring-supported latch that enables you to use the tool single-handedly. Moreover, the secure offset blade design aids you to keep your hand at a distance from the material while cutting.

6. Stanley FatMax 14-563 Aviation snip

STANLEY FATMAX Tin Snips , Straight Cut, Aviation Snip, 9-7/8-Inch (14-563)

The Stanley FatMax multiplies the force applied by your hand before delivering the force to the material. Thus, with a small amount of force, you can cut tough materials without any strain in your hand. This increases your speed of performing the task and you can cut via 18-gauge steel. The tool is made from molybdenum steel that holds accountable for its strength. Also, the tool is durable and lasts long. The blades of the tool are serrated that render the anti-slip property to the tin snip. Alongside this, the bi-material handle ensures a cushiony firm and comfortable grip.

With proper care and oiling, the tool can be your companion for years. Moreover, you can sharpen the blades of the tool so that you can use it for a longer time.

7. Irwin 21304 Multipurpose tin snip

IRWIN Tin Snip, Multi Purpose, 11-3/4-Inch (21304)

The Irwin 21304 can deliver cuts in 26gauge stainless steel and 24guage steel and are packed with enough power to carry out your everyday tasks. The result is a precise and neat cut. Whether you need to cut curves or in a straight line, the flat blade of the tool can handle it all. Moreover, the tool does not bend the metal at the edges while delivering cuts. This makes it a preferable choice for tasks with strong tolerances.

The precision-ground blades of the tool promise a firm grip on every cut you make to get cuts of superior quality. The blades of the snip are treated with heat and are forged to increase the durability and longevity of the tool.

8. Milwaukee 48 22 4021

Milwaukee 48-22-4021 Right Angle Snips, Right Cutting

The Milwaukee 48 22 4021 tin snip is light in weight and is specifically designed to deliver cuts at right angles. The blades of the tool are made using forged steel alloy to increase the durability and strength of the tool. Also, the blades are coated with a layer of chrome to protect the blades from getting corroded. This, in turn, renders them an increased cutting life.

Furthermore, the jaws of the tool are serrated which gives a vigorous shearing that makes it easier to cut large metal sheets. The serrated blades also imply that there would be cleaner cuts with minimum error. The Milwaukee tin snip possesses a dual patent-pending design feature. The feature offers a flush-bolt cutting design that stops the snip from holding on the material while cutting.

9. Dewalt DWHT14676 aviation snip set

Dewalt DWHT14676 Aviation Snip Set ,3 pack

The Dewalt DWHT 14676 aviation snip set possesses patented flush hardware. The tool is designed with the concept of durability in mind that is achieved using a pivot bolt. The tool features an internal locking system with an auto-release mechanism.

The tool is made using molybdenum steel allot and forged chrome that results in a blade that can maintain its sharpness for a longer time. It can also cut through thicker and larger sheets. The handle of the snip is engineered precisely to fit your hands comfortably and firmly. Its anti-slip property minimizes the chances of injury while working.

10. Finder aviation snips

Finder 12′ Aviation Snips, Long Straight Cut Tin Snips Cutting Shears Power Cutter with CR-V Blade & Comfortable Grip, 300mm Scissors for Cutting Metal Sheet, Hard Material, Industrial Quality

The Finder aviation snips can be used to deliver cuts on a wide variety of materials such as plastic, copper, rubber, aluminum, vinyl, cardboard, and more. You will be glad to have such kind of versatility. These tin snips feature serrated edges that provide a firm grip while cutting through a material. Moreover, the handle of the possess ergonomic design that does not put much strain on your hand while working. Also, it holds the force that you apply to it very well. The safety lock of the snip safeguards you from any unwanted injuries.

Buying guide (FAQs)

What are tin snips and what are its uses?

For the ease of understanding, the tin snips can be called as scissors strong and sharp enough to carry out metalwork. The size and shape of these scissors may vary based on their purpose. Usually they possess long handles and short blades to make it possible to cut through the metal with the least efforts possible.

They serve as a great option when you need an inexpensive, easy, and quick means of cutting metals and plastics. They are safe and easy to use and provide accurate cuts.

What should be the cut orientation of the tin snip?

The setup of the blade determines whether the tool will be able to make the curves to the left or right while it cuts the material. Almost all the snips used for domestic purposes feature handles that are coded with colors to aid the user in selecting the orientation of the cut. The orientation of the cut of the snips can also be determined by the lower cutting blade’s direction.

What does the color on the snips determine?

The tin snips are available in variant colors- red, green, or yellow. The colors of the handles are not random and each color is a code determining the orientation of the tin snips. Green color denotes that the tool can cut in right directions whereas the snips with red-colored handles cut right. Red-colored snips are more comfortable for users who are right-handed and green handles are more preferable for lefties. Yellow-colored snips are used for cutting straight.

How can one sharpen tin snips?

Just like other tools, the tin snips also demand maintenance. It is necessary to know that you cannot sharpen all the snips. The tin snips that possess ground edges can be sharpened. However, the snips possessing serrated edges will get ruined upon sharpening.

The sharpening of the tin snips must begin with cleaning the debris and dust with a clean cloth. Wide-open the blades and from the bolt they must be separated. Use a metal file to sharpen the blades in one direction- from the pivot progressing towards the tip. Angle the file so that it does not act on the whole blade, but only on the slanted edge. The process finishes by polishing the edge using a wetted whetstone.

What tin snips are best suitable for metal roofing?

The best tin snips for metal roofing do not get jammed while cutting and do not get the blades to get stretched much apart.

Which tin snips are best suitable for copper art?

Creating art from copper demands a steady hand and extreme precision. The tin snips come handy when you need extreme precision for cutting shapes, which makes them extremely suitable for carrying out copper work. Moreover, you can yield improved results if you use a straight pair of snips.

Can metal roofing be cut using snips?

Yes. First of all, you need to select the appropriate snip. As per the kind of cut you want and thickness and size of the metal, you might require more than a pair to carry out the task. Position the metal sheet between the blades of the tool and ensure that you open the blades as wide as possible. Place the snips in a manner that the inner blade’s flat part falls parallel to the sheet’s edge to prevent a bent cut. Check that the snips are upright to prevent damage. Squeeze the handle to start cutting. Make sure that you do not close the jobs fully as it will leave dimples on the sheet.

What is the material used for making tin snips?

The tin snips consist of two main parts- the blades and handle- both of them forget separately. The blades are required to be tough as they have to cut the metal without breaking or bending. They are constructed using forged steel to get the desired strength and hardness. Then, the material is exposed to a high temperature to make the blades harder, a process known as tempering.

Furthermore, the handles are also made using forged steel. The difference lies in the coating. Some of the handles feature simple paint that gets worn out with repeated use. Also, it makes it vulnerable to humidity and temperature. Another kind of coating is done using a bi-material. Usually a variation of rubber and plastic is used to offer comfort and firm grip.

Should I get an offset or straight snip?

The angles that the handles make with the cutting blades have a role to play in denoting the kind of cuts that are easier to make concerning others. Handles that are at right angles to the blade are useful for making cuts in hard-to-reach areas.

The straight aviation snips possess narrow blades and are used to deliver cuts in tighter curves. On the other hand, the slightly offset blades are better for delivering straight and long cuts. You can also use the upside-down to get to an awkward angle.

What considerations should I make before buying a tin snip?

The direction of cutting

The tin snips are constructed to deliver cuts in straight lines or certain desired angles. Therefore, you need to know the direction in which the tool delivers cuts. The color codes on the handles of the snips denote the direction in which it delivers cuts.

Sturdy construction

Irrespective of the model of the tin snips, they must possess strong blades and wide-opening designs of blades. Along with this, forged materials and impact-resistant materials such as molybdenum alloy steel usually possess blades with strong cutting-edges.


You must check the ease of opening of the tin snips. The snips might need lubrication after a certain period of use. The best tin snips brand on the market use heavy-duty springs and pivot bolts of grade-8. These designs promise easy optimization and operation of the tool.


The tools need to deal with metals and tough materials and thus, need to be durable. You can ensure the durability of the tool by checking the reviews of the customers and the tool’s components.


The description of the best tin snips in the world has been given for you to decide the best for you. Nevertheless, the appearance of the tin snips is alike scissors, they’re engineered to cut through tough and thick materials. Therefore, you need to ensure that you use the suitable pair for the given kind of cut and thickness of the material for the safety of your hands.



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