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Best Pry Bars 2020: The Actual Buying Guide You Need

If there is one tool that you should have always kept on your hand, despite the experiences each of us have, pry bar would be the perfect answer. While the tool itself might seem so simple, yet no one can deny its effectiveness to do almost any job, from removing plank and nails, demolishing stuff, and much more. Even the most professional hands in the world seem can’t live without this tool. Luckily, thanks to technological advancement, today we have plenty of pry bar types available. Each of them is specially manufactured to perform a specific task.

For this reason, we would like to help you find out the best pry bar for possibly each task you have. The lightweight one, for example, is a perfect tool for most casual and emergency uses. It has the standard strength to help you unstuck many things. It even comes with the perfect size to fit in your bag, so wherever you go, you can bring it with ease.

We also have the classic version, probably the most popular pry bars known to date. Unlike the lightweight version, this one comes with a sturdier build and, certainly, greater strength. It helps you pry and break stuffs apart easily. However, if you are looking for more strength for some complex work, it may not be strong enough to do the job. Probably the most distinct feature of classic pry bars is the nail slot. Usually located in one end, it is a perfect additional feature that comes helpful in performing home renovations.

Let us don’t forget the adjustable type. Its size and strength are perfect to perform almost any task anyone can do using a pry bar. Each adjustable pry bar comes with an articulating head. Easily adjusted, this nice feature allows you to enjoy better flexibility while working in tight spaces.

 The last one is the specialty type. Unlike the previous version of pry bars, the idea behind this particular type is to deliver the optimum result for a specific task. For example, a specialty pry bar would allow you to break down pallets, while another version is perfect for working with painting. As their functions are more specific than the other 3 versions, this pry bar is usually chosen by professionals or anyone who seeks for a particular need. In many cases, they are not the stand-alone version which you can use for any task. Function wise, they are more like a supplement to the everyday pry bar.

Long story short, here are our 10 best pry bars in 2020. All products are available for purchase on Amazon. Product price may change since we published this article.

Best Pry Bar Reviews

1. True Temper Pinch Point

Manufactured from heat-treated stainless steel, True Temper Pinch Point provides excellent leverage for almost any task. Available at around $61, it is a perfect tool for anyone who deals with heavy materials on a regular basis. The 26-pound weight is a nice assurance that this pry bar will never break apart when you are doing your job. The 66-inch length provides you with even more power to pry heavy objects with ease.

While the heat-treated steel is the perfect material to provide strength and durability, it also becomes the biggest drawback of this product. It makes the pry bar too heavy for some people, keeping them away from doing their work. The long dimension is another issue, making this product not very versatile.

2. DeWalt Spring Flat

If you are looking for a more stylish pry bar, without losing all its key features, the DeWalt Spring Flat is your best answer. This product not only will help you in doing many jobs but also is a great addition to your toolboxes. The slim design allows it to slide smoothly and fit perfectly in your toolbox. Still, it is lightweight enough, so you can bring it as you go.

Available at $12 on Amazon, the DeWalt Spring Flat provides both durability and strength. Its extra length specifically comes in handy while working on siding and roofing. It also comes with a nice addition of pointed bevelled end, which is perfect for nail pulling and penetration. The only thing it lacks is probably the leverage.

3. Schrade Black

Coming with a nice, black design, the Schrade Black offers both quality and value for those who are looking for a perfect heavy-duty tool. Made from premium forged steel, this product is your best answer to deal with huge tensions without breaking the pry bar apart.

Speaking about the dimension, the Schrade Black comes with 19.1 cm length and 4.1 ounces. It is probably one of the lightest pry bars in the market. However, you should never doubt the strength. With around 179 kgf, this pry bar is also one of the strongest products in its class. With 550 paracord handle wrapped around it, this product combines both function and design perfectly.  

Unfortunately, the only and biggest drawback is also its strength. While it offers enough strength to perform many tasks, this product is not created for demolition purposes.

4. Titan Tool 17005

If you are looking for a tool that can help you in upgrading or repainting your walls, you may consider getting the Titan Tools 17005. This nice tool will help you prepare your working area, making it perfect for the re-touch. However, it is not just the strength that we love about this product.

Each set contains 2 pieces of pry bar scraper, made from high-quality stainless steel. Its angled edge usually comes in handy while tearing apart walls, removing trims, prying off tiles, and many other tasks. Other nice features include scraper edge and nail puller, a perfect combination that will help you prying and pulling stuff easily.

5. Vestil Deluxe

Here comes one specialty pry bar that we discussed previously. The Vestil Deluxe does not come with somehow an odd look without a reason. The unique design, if we may say so, allows this tool to disassemble almost any pallet with ease. You literally won’t have to put any effort to do the job. Its articulating head will make sure that none of your boards will shatter around, keeping your working area clean. Available with only $53 on Amazon, the Vestil Deluxe is another great option for a pry bar. The only drawback is it lacks a nail remover, which somehow seems reasonable because its main purpose is for breaking down your pallets.

6. Stanley FatMax

With 36 inches in total length, Stanley FatMax is probably the longest pry bar we have seen so far. The bright yellow colour gives an astonishing look to this product. If we are allowed to rate this product based on the appearance alone, it would be too tempting to ignore this one.

Available for $14 on the Amazon, the idea behind Stanley FatMax is providing the easiest and fastest solution for light demolition jobs. The idea is to get everyone to be able to do prying without any hassle or damaging the surface. The classic design also comes with a U-shaped end to prevent any damage on the surface.

Another feature we love about this product is the material. Instead of using steel to build the product, Stanley FatMax uses high-carbon steel, which is a smart choice to be told. It allows the users to use both the strength and lightweight at the same time.

7. Mayhew Dominator

There is not so many pry bar out there that concerns with how you work, at least not the Mayhew Dominator. The thick, black handle on the top keeps you away from getting fatigued while working. Its 58-inch length is another excellent feature, providing you with extra leverage. The sleek design allows you to work in tight spaces. 

Choosing the heat-treated steel as the material is a nice decision, giving a strong yet durable feature to this pry bar. The capped end at the other side protects the handle from getting damages while being used.  

In overall, we like this product pretty much. It provides durability, strength, and rust protection at once. However, it lacks the nail clipper at the end. While it is not such a big problem that should become your concern, it would be great for the manufacturer to include this feature in this product.

8. Duckbill Deck Wrecker

Available at $69 on Amazon, the Duckbill Deck Wrecker is probably not the most affordable pry bar you can find today. There are plenty of other products if you are looking for a cheap alternative. However, when it comes to quality, durability, and strength, you should never miss this product.

The best feature of this pry bar comes directly from the design. Unlike many other pry bars, the Duckbill Deck Wrecker comes with a unique design. The long structure provides huge leverage, while the unique duck-shaped end allows you to pry any board with ease. The unique design even allows you to get under the board easily.

With 54 inches in length, this product allows you to pull the board while standing. It is easy and convenient to use.

9. Stanley FatMax Xtreme FuBar III

The Stanley FatMax Xtreme FuBar III is practically at another different level. It is not like any other pry bars available today. The 30-inches bar provides huge leverage to pull any pallet easily. It also comes with a 2-tier jaw, manufactured perfectly to help you perform heavy-duty jobs without putting a large effort.

The heat-treated and tempered ends allow you to prevent chipping. Meanwhile, the textured grip provides excellent comfort while using the pry bar. Another thing we love about this product is the structure. The sturdy build and structure allow you to control the bar perfectly and keep the balance while working. Usually, an 8.7-pound pry bar can present a challenge while you try keeping it balanced and deliver the strike. However, this Stanley FatMax Xtreme FuBar III seems to have managed this problem so well that you will never deal with that.

10. ApexTool GearWrench

At the very last of our list, we have the ApexTool GearWrench. Simply put, it is a pry bar that will help you literally any job that requires strength and durability. With only $86, this product has every feature you need.

Let’s speak about the length. With 48 inches in total, this pry bar offers huge leverage to help you pull off the planks. However, if you are planning to work on a tighter space, you can easily shorten the bar up to 29 inches long. The adjustable feature allows you to get the best option while working in different spaces.

This product also comes with 14 locking positions allowing the head to rotate 180o. The alloy steel material provides extra strength to ease you while working. Meanwhile, the black phosphate finish gives a cool look on this product.


There they are, the 10 best pry bar products in 2020. We do hope that this list would help you with picking the best pry bar based on your needs. When you are trying to pick your own, though, make sure you consider the following things.


The first and most important thing about a pry bar is the strength. If you want to pull off the planks easily, you have to make sure that your pry bar is strong enough to do the job. A pry bar made of steel is usually good enough.


Length provides extra strength to your pry bar. The longer your pry bar, the more strength you can use to do the job. However, a longer bar also means the higher possibility that your bar will break up. This is the reason you once again need strong material and sturdy build. You surely do not want your pry bar will break up while working.


While you are working, your hand will experience heat and friction. To protect your hands from these damages, make sure your handle is comfortable. The textured handle should do the job

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