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Best Nail Pullers 2022: Reviews & Topicks

At this moment, there are a lot of nail pullers sold on the market. In other words, picking up your favourite one might be challenging for you. From that, to support you along with it, we will bring to you some best nail pullers that can meet your expectations as well.


How can this nail puller operate?

The nail puller owns double sharp jaws which can hit for the wood to approach nails. The jaws can deal with wood or grip below the nail head near the shaft. Besides, this nail is pulled out from gripping jaws.

Can the length of the nail puller issue?

It is definitely sure. Because this nail can identify the leverage that puller can offer. Next, the leverage is vital as it accepts the force which puller can pull out of it.

Could you make the best use of claw as a good way to nail pullers?

A traditional claw can take you a bit of time to pull out nail more than nail puller. Besides, it can lead to some damage onto the surface as well.

Apart from it, if you do not recycle materials, this traditional claw could be utilized for rather than the fashionable nail puller.

How can I remove nails without a hammer?

Some tools could help you remove the nails such as

Nail kickers: Here is one fast and clean way for taking off nails. In other words, it is a perfect tool for you.

Nail jack: A nail jack can move towards the wood piece and take off nails conveniently.

Could I drill out of nails?

Of course. The cordless nail puller and a counter could be utilized for drilling nails from any wood.

How can I take off a nail by drill?

The drill nail puller is the best way to remove nails effectively. Moreover, it is a lightweight tool which can support the cordless drill.

Next, it is more convenient to use and can not request arm force to pull nails as well. The drill can pull nails without jarring the piece.



Here is the initial stuff you need to care about. Some products could dig into the wood for taking off a nail onto the surface, whereas the others can operate when there is clearance from the head to wood as well. Thus, you should remember that you need to put less strength.


We highly recommend that you need to select a long nail puller since it can help you with some power. Moreover, when you operate with tight clearances, you ought to search for the tinier handles since they could support you in some cases.


Another element that you need to focus on before making your purchase is the price. In other words, you can spend a lot of money on some products which you couldn’t manage at all. Keep in mind that taking into consideration for some functions of the product and your financial condition before making a decision.

1. Estwing Pro Claw Nail Puller – 9″ Pry Bar with Forged Steel Construction & No-Slip Cushion Grip – PC210G

Estwing Pro Claw Nail Puller – 9′ Pry Bar with Forged Steel Construction & No-Slip Cushion Grip – PC210G

The first version that we would like to introduce to you is Estwing Pro Claw. This nail puller owns a forged in every piece, and here is the reason why this one is a long-lasting tool on the market. It is constructed with greater leverage structure and owns a circular head for levelling up the leverage. Besides, this product can take off the headless nail along with claw onto it. It could be utilized in some tiny spots in which this one is tough to reach along with the assistance of slimy claw.

Apart from it, this nail puller has non-slip cushion grip. It is convenient, durable and assists for sturdy hold in some situations.

It is forged in every piece as well.
This product included the handle.
It supports the slimy claw.
This best nail puller tool can take off headless nails very well.
It is challenging to take off the huge nail.
2. Crescent 11″ Nail Puller Pliers – NP11
Crescent 11′ Nail Puller Pliers – NP11,Red/Black
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This model is an excellent plier since it could assist in pulling nails from wood or even the double sides conveniently. Moreover, this one could take off some nails from a various dimension very well, even when the nails head is tough or taken off.

On top of it, this product is constructed along with forge steel, handles and even the head as well. Thus, it can boost up the tool’s long-term usage. Next, the double handles own a rubble grips onto it.

Finally, it is quite handy for use and offers greater efficiency as well.

It is convenient to use.
This version can be utilized for the headless nails.
It is long-lasting
This model could handle all dimensions of nails.
It is pricey.
This version can not own great leverage.
3. Estwing Nail Puller – 12″ Double-Ended Pry Bar with Straight & Wedge Claw End – DEP12

Estwing Nail Puller – 12′ Double-Ended Pry Bar with Straight & Wedge Claw End – DEP12

This nail puller is a fabulous and long-lasting tool since its piece can be forged well. In other words, here is a texture of greater leverage along with circular head torque as well.

Apart from it, the tool can be suitable for each profession such as from carpenter to others. It is effective to make the best use of moulding, trimming at all.

The slimy claw onto this tool could assist in operating for less space. The headless nail might be taken off conveniently from the claws built for this tool or offering fewer wood impacts.

This best nail puller 2022 can be forged for a single side.
It can be used for multi-purposes.
This product could be suitable for less space
The headless nails might be taken off easily.
It has some leverage compared to other products.
4. Stanley FMHT55008 FatMax Claw Bar, 10″

STANLEY FATMAX Pry Bar, Claw, 10-Inch (FMHT55008)

Here is a double tool which possesses an eight inches and even chisel scraper as well. In other words, it is constructed along with forged greater carbon steel alloy. Thus, you can be confident to use it without worrying too much about the malfunction.

Besides, to boost up the long-term tool usage, this one could be heat-treated as well. Moreover, it can be tempered for enhancing safety.

Apart from it, some nails could be pulled so fast and attached from the claws. Last but not least, this is a great version that you need to purchase as soon as possible.

It is long-lasting
This version is comfortable and handy to use.
It supports double usage.
This version is not sharp.
Some users claim that these claws aren’t grinded so effectively.
The quality needs to be improved.
5. 3PLUS HAPT50SP Punch Nailer/Nail Remover/Nail Puller

3PLUS HAPT50SP Punch Nailer/Nail Remover/Nail Puller

Another version that you should focus on is 3Plus. Here is a product that can take off some nails from pushing them to another side onto the pallet or wood as well.

When it comes to the material, this one is made from aluminium that can use for a long period. Moreover, the material is long-lasting or endure the operating in severe circumstances.

The nose is thin and can access tough for reaching some areas. Based on the power and dimension of this nose, some nails could take off until 20 gauge at all. Finally, this one could arrive along with a rubber grip that creates comfort and convenience.

It will help you save up more time
The rubber grip is convenient to use.
It is compact and sturdy as well.
This best nail puller for pallets can leak some air.
6. Dead On Tools EX9CL 10-5/8-Inch Exhumer Nail Puller

Dead On Tools EX9CL 10-5/8-Inch Exhumer Nail Puller, Silver

This version is seen as an outstanding tool in the construction field. Because this one owns the fabulous functions that are difficult to recognize some other nail pullers.

It is produced from long-lasting material that can endure a greater deal of workload. Next, it owns the length around over 10 inches that could be well-suited for pulling nails above 3 inches. Moreover, the claws could dig and approach for some deep nails as well.

Finally, this one possesses some additional functions that comprise the round saw wrench or a nail onto the side that turns precious assistance to your toolbox like this one owns other usages.

It is made from the high-class material.
This version owns some additional functions such as a round saw wrench.
It is great for tight areas.
There is no leverage for huge nails.
7. PacTool International RS501 Roof Snake, Shingle Nail Puller, Roof Shingle Installer, Steel Grey

PacTool International RS501 Roof Snake, Shingle Nail Puller, Roof Shingle Installer, Steel Grey

Another version that you should focus on is Pactool. In other words, here is the convenient, compactible and precise equipment for roof shingle substitution as well. Moreover, this one arrives along with some functions of a nail slot alignment.

On top of it, this tool owns the claw tip for taking off the shingle nails at all. It is seen as the perfect tool for users to substitute the shingles from the start to the end of your operation.

Next, it can set up with three shingles without bending or breaking around other shingles on your hammer as well.

This version can assist you in saving up a lot of time.
It consists of the great claw tip.
It can be included a handle.
It is quite pricey.
This tool is smaller.
8. Bates- Nail Puller, Pliers, Nail Remover Tool, Cutting Pliers, Carpenter Tools, Staple Puller, Nail Puller Tool, End Cutting Pliers, Nail Remover, Nail Pliers Cats Paw Nail Puller, Nail Pulling

Bates- Nail Puller, Pliers, Nail Remover Tool, Cutting Pliers, Carpenter Tools, Staple Puller, Nail Puller Tool, End Cutting Pliers, Nail Remover, Nail Pliers Cats Paw Nail Puller, Nail Pulling

Here is a great version with both nail puller and plier that could operate so effectively for other tasks at all. This product is constructed from the leading carbon steel, which boosts up its efficiency.

Apart from it, this equipment owns a double usage and arrives along with the soft plastic coated grip for enhancing your control when you are operating. Last but not least, this model is a bit suitable for construction and carpenters as well.

This product supports double usage like plier and nail puller.
It is made from the high-class steel alloy.
It can be used for a long period
You can find it easy to use.
The price is quite high.
This version does not own the outstanding grip, compared to other ones on the list.
9. Stiletto TICLW12 ClawBar Titanium Nail Puller

Stiletto TICLW12 Clawbar Titanium Nail Puller

This Stiletto is manufactured from the titanium alloy which could make it more sturdy, lightweight and well-suited for severe usage or other heavier projects. Moreover, this material owns the shock-absorbent attributes that can decrease the number of vibrations when approaching your lovely hands.

The length of this version is around 12 inches that can offer you great leverage for a convenient period while pulling some nails out as well. Besides, the bar owns the circular edges. Thus, it is convenient for your hands to offer convenience while making the most of it. Finally, the claws are slender to make sure that they could slide onto some nails and lead to other wood’s scratches.

It arrives along with the nail exposer
This version is made from stronger or leading quality material.
It owns great leverage.
This product can limit some wood scratches.
This version is pricier.
10. Dewalt DWHT55524 10 in. Claw Bar

Dewalt DWHT55524 10 in. Claw Bar

This product is produced from the leading quality material that can turn it to be sustainable and sturdy as well. Next, this one owns a nail exposer that turns it to be capable of exposing nail along with less damage onto your wood. Then, the claws could grip and take it off conveniently. They can be slim for digging into the wood and approach below the embedded nails that can decrease damage and help you work effectively.

On top of it, this one owns the flat surface to guarantee less damage while digging out some nails at all. Besides, this Dewalt brand possesses an I-beam shaft that can operate along with tiny or medium nails so well.

This version owns a nail exposer.
The claws could take off the nail so quickly.
It can be broken down when receiving a lot of pressure.
We believe that you could gain deeper understandings about the best nail pullers and even how to pick up the favourite one for you as well. In other words, these products above can help you remove nails from surfaces conveniently.



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