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Best Milwaukee Drill Review & Buying Guide 2020

The Best Milwaukee Drill combines innovation and power in a unit which makes it a must-have in every toolset. The brand has always been preferred by builders, electricians, plumbers, and DIYers. The Milwaukee drill offers accessibility and power while helping you to carry out the task more conveniently and efficiently. 

Let us peep at the Best Milwaukee Drill 2020 and find out the seriousness of the punch of the tools when they are in action. 

1. Milwaukee 2691 22 Drill Set – Best Milwaukee Drill Set

The effectiveness of working with a tool that is meant to look after the job cannot be matched and you are going to get the feel while working with the best Milwaukee drill set. The Milwaukee 2691 22 drill set has an impact driver and a compact drill that implies that the tool not only offers efficiency while working, but it also provides versatility. The tool is made durable as it has sturdy frames and has an ergonomic construction. Also, the unit saves space by offering you an impact driver and a drill in one set. This not only saves space but also your bucks. 

2. Milwaukee 2702 20 M18 Cordless Drill

The Milwaukee 2702 20 M18 cordless drill can be your go-to-tool when you demand efficiency and versatility in a single unit. The tool does the work of a rotatory drill, hammer drill, and an impact driver, making it the Best Milwaukee Drill Driver. A major advantage of the tool is its brushless motor. The unit is sleek and features the latest design that provides efficient operation and the brush does not wear out with the progress in time. This imparts an increased life to the unit and thus, the money that you are going to spend on the unit will be worth it. 

3. Milwaukee 2407 20 Drill Driver 

If you are searching for a unit that provides efficiency in an economic range, then the Milwaukee 2407 20 drill driver would be a preferable choice. The unit offers excellent performance according to its price. 

The best feature about this unit is that its battery gets charged in just 30 minutes so that you do not have to wait much. The tool can look after all the tasks of the house and around it such as drilling holes for a cable, drilling air holes, and many more. The unit offers great value at low costs. 

4. Milwaukee drill 2607 20 – Best Milwaukee Drill For Concrete.

The Milwaukee 2607 20 has the guts to look after any kind of drilling task. You can go via drywall with no sweat and also, you can deliver holes via concrete. It is the best Milwaukee drill for concrete.

The unit has three modes for drilling- drilling, driving, and hammer drilling. This allows you to tackle hardwoods, softwoods, masonry, and metals. Moreover, the LED lighting of the tool keeps your workplace lit to add convenience while working. The tool can be stored on your belt with the help of belt clips to allow easy access.  

5. Milwaukee 0302 20 drill – Best Milwaukee Drill Combo

The Milwaukee 0302 20 drill features a powerful and strong 8.0amp drill (1/2 inches) that offers performance and construction to beat other drills falling in the same category. The drill delivers high torque and the quick-lock cord and keyless chuck allow quick replacement and easy storage. The drill has a 49 15 0265 360 degrees side handle. The powerful motor features a speed of 850 RPM with the option to change the speed as required. Moreover, the unit has an ergonomic grip and a dual finger trigger that offers balance and comfort while using. 

6. Milwaukee 2897 22 M18 FUEL 2-Tool Combo Kit

The 2897 22 M18 FUEL combo kit gives the highest performance by working at a speed of 2000 RP and delivering the highest torque of 1200 inches per lbs. It is the best Milwaukee drill combo. The 18 volts drill is cordless and includes an M18 FUEL impact driver (2753 20). It has a four-speed control mechanism, a POWERSTATE brushless motor, REDLITHIUM battery tech, and REDLINK PLUS electronic intelligence. All these features combined result in increased motor life, power, and runtime. The unit comes with the drill, driver, battery pack, charger, belt clip, belt holder, side handle, and a carrying case.  

7. Milwaukee 2494 22 M12 Cordless Drill Driver

The upgraded M12 LITHIUM-ION cordless system is engineered to offer torque and power desired for looking after professional tasks in a compact size that can reach the toughest and tightest space. The REDLITHIUM cordless system renders unmatched speed, power, and portability. The M12 3/8 inches drill can provide about 275 lbs of torque. It has a comfortable handle and metal ratcheting chuck that increases durability. Moreover, the M12 Hex impact driver ¼ inches offer 1000 inch per lbs of torque and work at a maximum speed of 2500 RPM.

8. Milwaukee 2697 22 M18 ½ inch 18-Vvvvolts Combo Kit

The Milwaukee 2697 22 is a combo kit that combines the renowned M 18 ½ inch hammer driver/ drill and the M18 hex drive ¼ inch impact driver in a single kit. The product is easy to handle and can be used conveniently. Also, the product offers increased durability. The power management system of the drill includes overload protection that prevents the tool from getting damaged. Also, it prevents the battery from harsh situations. The M 18 impact driver uses a ¼ inch hex that can be changed quickly and a trigger for changing speed. 

9. Milwaukee Electric Tool TV 205667 M 18 FUEL ½ inch Drill Kit

The Milwaukee electric tool TV 205667 M 18 is a powerful drill kit that helps you to look after high-duty tasks with the utmost ease. The unit is powered using a battery and weighs around 5.84 pounds. the unit measures 11.5 inches in length, 16.46 inches in width, and 16.93 inches in height. The unit is durable and easy to use.

The drill kit includes an M 18 drill driver, battery pack, multi-volt charger, bit holder, belt clip, side handle, and a case for carrying.

10. Milwaukee 2606 22 CT M 18 Cordless Kit 18 Volts

Milwaukee 2606 22 provides you a complete solution for drilling in a complete set. The kit features a drill driver, two compact batteries, a multi-voltage charger, and a case. The unit is made with 4-pole frameless motor and delivers a torque of 500 inches per lbs and a speed of 1800 RPM.

What features should I look in a Milwaukee Drill?

Although, an expensive tool will be the most efficient choice to get the work done. However, it is not always the smartest or a useful approach. You must consider going as per your requirements. For instance, you can even work with a basic drill if you do not have to drill via concrete. There is no need for a high-power driver to carry out the task. 
You need to loom for the needs of the task that you need to carry out and filter your search accordingly. 

What is the most Powerful Drill?

The M18 FUEL drill driver (½ inches) is the most powerful drill. The best Milwaukee cordless drill features a POWERSTATE brushless motor that can deliver a torque of 1200 inch per lbs while working with a speed of 2000 rotations per minute to offer a fast drilling speed even under heavy so that the productivity can be increased. 

What will be a preferable choice- Powered or Cordless Drill?

A cordless tool will give you the freedom to work in spaces where there is a shortage of power supply and also in offsite places. However, the range of the powered unit is restricted by the cord length and the size of the unit. 
However, you need to consider whether you have to work in confined places, the requirement of a power supply, the power needed to carry out the task, or whether you need something light and simple that can be carried around. 

What is the price of a good Milwaukee Drill?

A good Milwaukee drill will cost around 180$. However, the cost of the models will vary according to the features they are providing and the power of the motor. One needs to realize that the value of the unit is a major consideration than its price. While going for the value, you need to look for its features, performance, warranty, kit price, price of the bare tool, and ergonomics. 


After spending hours in whirling Milwaukee drills, it can be concluded that the Milwaukee 2691 22 is the best drill to invest your money and space. Moreover, if you are looking for a versatile tool in a single unit the 2702 20 M18 would be the best one. Where Milwaukee’s 2407 20 offers you the best value for money, the power pf 2706 20 is unbeatable. 

In the end, the choice will entirely depend on the requirement of your work and whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, whether you need to make some drills here and there around the house or you need to conduct some major drilling sessions. 

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