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Best Cordless Angle Grinder 2020 Reviews

The best cordless angle grinders are a necessary component in a toolbox for automotive, steel, landscaping traders, and masonry. It offers the desired power that is needed to perform tasks such as grinding and cutting concrete, steel, stone, and masonry. 

The cordless angle grinders are important tools for handymen, homeowner, and professional contractors who demand power in their work. The tools are great for grinding or cutting off extra material at incredible speed. 

Make a wise decision with the best cordless angle grinder review given below. 

Top 10 Best Cordless Angle Grinders

1. Bosch GWS18V-45 angle grinder 18V cordless

The Bosch GWS18V-45 is a great angle grinder and would be an incredible addition to a workshop. The unit comes with a powerful motor of 18 volts and runs for in a single charge. It delivers the required power to deliver cuts via the toughest tasks. It is the best cordless angle grinder 2020. 

The unit features a sturdy handle that reduces the vibrations produced when you use the tool. This, in turn, eliminates the fatigue even after working for long hours. It has a safe and sturdy wheel guard that gives you the peace of well-built equipment. 

2. Milwaukee M18 lithium-ion angle grinder 18 volts

If you are looking for a top-quality angle grinder, then Milwaukee M18 would be a great option. The product features several amazing features such as brushless motor, powerful motor, and sturdy construction. The tool is light in weight and does not make any noise while operating. Also, it generates a minimum of heat. The tool has a thin body that makes it convenient to use the tool even with heavy gloves. 

Moreover, the tool has a paddle switch that is safe to use. If you are looking for a tool with top-notch quality and features with no financial restriction, then the tool is an ideal choice. 

3. Hitachi G18DSLP4 cordless angle grinder 18 V

The Hitachi G18DSLP4 makes the best cordless angle grinder deals today. The tool offers superb features at an economic range. The tool features an overcurrent safeguard system that prevents the motor of the tool from burning that in turn, extends the life of the tool. The tool also has an anti-slip handle that is easy and sturdy to hold with oily hands. It is also one of the lightest tools. This implies that you will be able to use the tool for long hours without experiencing any fatigue. 

4. Ryobi P421 6500 lithium-ion angle grinder powered 18-volt

The Ryobi P421 lithium-ion angle grinder P421 6500 is an incredibly cheap angle grinder that is a good-to-go choice. It features an onboard pin wrench that helps in replacing the grinder disc. Moreover, you do not need to worry about changing the discs as it gets fitted in the handle perfectly. The model also comes with a grinding wheel. The model is a good choice for a lightweight tool and can perform almost every task.  

5. Metabo 613074620 Cordless Angle Grinder

The Metabo 613074620, apart from being a powerful and impressive angle grinder, also features some commendable features. The tool has an airflow system that keeps the machine cool during operation. This not only increases the motor life and battery life of the tool but also keeps the hands of the user cool. The tool has incredible runtime and power. 

The tool has a paddle switch that decreases the count of accidents significantly. 

6. SKIL AG290202 20 volts cordless angle grinder 4 ½ inches

SKIL AG290202 is a great option for DIYers. The battery-powered tool will help you to carry out grinding, sharpening, polishing, and sanding tasks efficiently. The tool has a PWR Core lithium battery (20 amps) that is made with a special system of cooling that increases the life of the tool. The tool has a powerful motor that works with a speed of 8500 RPMs. Moreover, all these features come in a budget-friendly machine. 

7. Makita XAG20Z 4 ½ inches cordless angle grinder 18 volts LXT BL

The Makita XAG20Z cordless angle grinder is a powerful tool whose performance is imposed by the brushless motor of the tool. The efficient motor can get rid of the heat under pressure. Apart from great power, the tool also possesses a sturdy control that incorporates a feature of variable speed control. The RPM can be adjusted easily between 3000 to 8500 using a dial. This implies that the unit can carry out numerous tasks. 

Moreover, the tool has an automatic speed adjustment technology that adjusts the torque and speed of the unit while operating. 

8. Dewalt DCG412B MAX cordless angle grinder 20 volts

The Dewalt DCG412B cordless grinder is a top-quality tool that offers great performance. It features a top-notch design that provides a speed of 8000 RPM. It has a high capacity 4.0Ah Li-ion battery of 20 volts. The angle grinder makes sure that you will be able to cut and grind continuously for long hours. The unit has a unique design with an over-under handle design featuring a comfy trigger switch, and a safety lock-off switch. The unit can be fitted with a 5-inch or a 4 ½ inch wheel. 

9. Ryobi One Plus 18 volts cordless angle grinder

The Ryobi One Plus ZRP421 offers great performance and precision. It has an ergonomic design that offers a secure and comfortable grip. You wouldn’t have to worry about the tool slipping from your hands while working. The comfy grip has rubber molding that offers a secure grip and the three-position side handle enables easy handling. The onboard spanner wrench makes it easy and quick to replace the disc. 

10. Rigdid brushless angle grinder 18v 4 ½ inch

The Rigdid brushless angle grinder is a suitable choice for delivering quick cuts via metals or sharpening tools. It has a speed of 8500 RPM and can look after almost all the tasks with utmost ease. Its adjustable handle at the side allows you to three positions for increased leverage.

Shall I go for a brushless angle grinder of a brushed one?

The brushless motors are more useful in construction and building industries in the current time. Also, it is being used by DIYers. The traditional angle grinder motors feature brushes that contact the moving commutator. 
On the other hand, the brushless models eliminate the system of brush that results in increased efficiency. Brushless angle grinders give an enhanced performance with greater longevity. 

When can I use a cordless angle grinder?

The best angle grinder cordless is a great option when you demand a versatile and portable tool for cutting, grinding, and other tasks. They come handy when you work on an offshore site where there is a shortage of power outlets. 
Moreover, the angle grinders can be used for polishing metal, stone, wood, and for smoothening rough surfaces. They can also sharpen the blades of knives and splitting mauls. An angle grinder can remove obstructions and burrs on several kinds of materials. When used with the appropriate blade, the angle grinders can cut tile, stone, or steel. 

Can an angle grinder cut porcelain tile?

An angle grinder can be used to cut porcelain tiles by attaching a stone blade to the tool. A grinder measuring 4.5 inches would be a preferable option for the task. It enables the user to cut via the tiles efficiently. 

What is the best blade for cutting tiles?

Some of the blades work more efficiently than others when it comes to working with tiles. Attaching a diamond blade with your grinder would yield better results by making accurate cuts. 
Ensure that you use a blade with smooth edges, without any serrations or notches. 

What is a preferable choice for angle grinders?

When you purchase an angle grinder, make sure that you go for a model with a brushless motor. Also, it must possess a lithium-ion battery with a larger capacity. 
Furthermore, look for the build quality of the unit. The unit must also possess features that you will be advantageous to you. Purchasing angle grinders with a paddle switch, lock-on switch, wheel guard that is easy to move, and ergonomic handle would be a wise decision. 


The cordless angle grinders are a real help! When we talk about powered grinders, the run-time of the tools is enough to carry out different tasks and when it is coupled with an additional battery, one is good to go for the entire day. The advantages of not carrying a cord wherever you wander are several and the freedom is of course complimentary with safety and increased productivity. 

The GWS18V-45 Bosch cordless angle grinder is a great option with incredible motor, superb battery life, and anti-vibration handle. The Milwaukee GIDDS2 2473523 M18 is also a good choice for those who are comfortable with a model possessing a high price. Furthermore, if you are looking for a cheap model then P421 6500 Ryobi angle grinder is a preferred tool. Moreover, there are other tools also given in the list to help you select the one with the desired features. 

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