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Top 10 of The Best Bolt Cutters 2022 Reviews

The best bolt cutters are one of the most important tools in your toolbox. A properly designed bolt cutter can help you in many ways. Here some options for you to pick from & shop for the best bolt cutter available in the market. Look for the ten best bolt cutters available in the following article:

Best Bolt Cutter Reviews

1. WORKPRO W017004A Bolt Cutter

WORKPRO W017004A Bolt Cutter, Bi-Material Handle with Soft Rubber Grip, 14′, Chrome Molybdenum Steel Blade

This a bestseller Amazon’s choice product for heavy-duty bolt cutters for locks. It is made out of drop forged chrome-molybdenum steel & has powder-coated jaws which makes it very efficient in cutting & long-lasting. The product is designed to have ergonomic bi-material anti-slip grips to provide better comfort & control while cutting. It is available in 4 sizes ranging from 14”-30”. The classic lever-fulcrum & perfectly aligned blades provide added leverage with less effort. This product is ideal for cutting soft metal, bolts, rods, rivets & chains up to 3-16 inches.

2. TEKTON 8″ Bolt Cutter | 3386

TEKTON 8′ Bolt Cutter | 3386, Black

This bolt cutter is also Amazon’s choice product. It is available in sizes from 8-36 inches. The jaws of this bolt cutter are made out of forged & hardened alloy steel which makes it extremely durable. The compound cutting action requires less effort. The rolled steel handles are made out of non-slip grip technology that gives the product a better grip. It is ideal for cutting bolts, chains, threaded rod & heavy gauge wire up to 3-16 in. diameter.

3. RIDGID 14223 Model S24 Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter

RIDGID 14223 Model S24 Bolt Cutter, Heavy-Duty Bolt Cutters

This amazon’s choice product is designed with sturdy hardened steel to give maximum blade life. It also features a center cut and has multiple capacities for cutting soft & hard metals. The handles and grips of this product are mainly designed to provide a more crisp & controlled cutting. This is one of the best heavy-duty bolt cutters available in the market. It is also available in many sizes.

4. RUR-MEL Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter

RUR-MEL 14-Inch Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter – T8 alloy steel jaws, Bi-Material Handle with Soft Rubber Grip

This bolt cutter is made out of high carbon Quality and is very well recommended for lock, chains, rivets, rods & bolts. It is available in sizes ranging from 12-36 inches. It is also made with high precision & heat treatment technology to make it durable. The ergonomic plastic black handle is very well designed with non-slip grip technology. It helps in getting a better grip & control. The cutting blades are made out of T8 steel, overall heat treatment & high-frequency quench hardening for high hardness. It also resists damage & dents in tough applications. It is designed with strengthening rivets that connect easily & doesn’t let it fall off easily, making it a very long-lasting & durable product. It can also be used on screws, bailing wire, electric wire, padlocks, hasps & much more.

5. GreatNeck BC36 36 Inch Bolt Cutters

GreatNeck BC36 36 Inch Bolt Cutters | Cuts Bolt, Nails, Locks, Rivets, Chains, Wire | 1/2 Inch Jaw Capacity | Forged S2 Steel Construction for Durability & Powerful Cutting Edge | Orange Body

This is one of the best bolt cutters available in the market to cut master locks, chains, rivets & many other things. It is available in sizes from 8” to 36”. The wire cutters have forged S2 steel construction for maximum cutting power. The product also comes with warranty facilities 7 can cut through even rods, wires &  bolts. It also comes with ergonomic comfort grip handles. For easy identification in your massive toolbox, the body of this bolt cutter is a vibrant orange. The compound action function jaw made out of high-treated forged high chrome vanadium steel provides the product with more strength & precise cutting.

6. KNIPEX Tools 71 12 200 Bolt Cutter

KNIPEX Tools 71 12 200, Comfort Grip High Leverage Cobolt Cutters with Opening Lock and Spring

This is another compact amazon’s choice best bolt cutter. Opening spring with a locking device is integrated into the handles for comfortable working & secure transport. It can get through components like nails, bolts & rivets. It is designed with new lever-action to provide exceptional cutting performance with minimum effort. It can cut any wire up to 1/4 inches. The cutting edges are hardened with precision, induction. It also has built-in gripping jaws for gripping & pulling nails & wires.

7. MAXPOWER Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter

MAXPOWER 30′ Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter

This product is available in a variety of sizes from 14”-30”. The product is drop forged Chromoly steel for a lighter, stronger & more durable tool. Sturdy steel jaws ensure a very strong & long-lasting blade life. Gripped handles help the user in avoiding slippage or hand strain. The optimized design is specifically crafted for precision & better cutting edge. This product also comes with a lifetime warranty. It is certainly one of the best bolt cutters at this price range.

8. Stalwart 75-HT40096 Bolt Cutter

Stalwart 75-HT40096 14” Bolt Cutter- Drop Forged Hardened Alloy Steel & Ergonomic Grips-Cuts 5/8” Chains, Wires, Rods, Bolts, Padlocks, & More-Hand Tools

This bolt cutter is a versatile tool that can be used to cut through chains, wires, locks, master locks, bolts, fences. With a sturdy drop forged alloy steel construction, this bolt cutter can withstand the wear & tear of daily use & makes a great addition to your toolbox. It is designed with ergonomic handles to ensure the user’s comfort & non-slip grip support. The cutter features a compound hinge for superior cutting power with less effort to help this tool stand up to the tasks with ease.

9. WilFiks Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter

WilFiks 12” Bolt Cutter, Heavy Duty Steel Chrome Alloy Jaws, Compound Cutting Action Sniper To Cut Chain Lock, Cable & Wire Mesh, Bi-Material Comfortable Ergonomic Shape Soft Rubber Grip Thick Handle

This heavy bolt cutter is one of the best available round the corner. It can cut through cable padlocks, baling wire, rods, screws, electric wire & chain link fences. The sharp heavy-duty blades & comfortable handles make cutting easy. Also, the shock-absorbing bumpers protect the user’s hand & wrist in the process. This bolt cutter is made out of forged alloy steel jaws with powder-coated finish. The cutter also features an adjusting screw to keep cutting edges aligned. The product is designed according to its user’s convenience with Bi-material anti-slip Ergonomic wear-resistant handle with a soft rubber grip to provide great comfort & control while cutting. It also features holes to ensure easy storage so that the user can hang it somewhere.  The product also comes with heat-treated blades which are resistant to dents & damage. The rubber grips & blades are as well very easy to clean & maintain. It also comes with compound cutting action technology which requires very little effort & gives the best possible outcome.

10. Neiko 00558A Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter

Neiko 00558A Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter, 12-Inch, Chrome Molybdenum Steel Blade

This product is one of the best heavy-duty bolt cutters in the town. Its size range varies from 12-30 inches. The chrome Moly steel jaws cut through harder objects than chrome vanadium cutters. The durable high-frequency heat-treated blades resist dents & damage during tough applications. The classic lever-fulcrum design & perfectly aligned blades deliver added leverage with less effort. Textured grip provides comfortable & better control. The product can cut through the toughest bolts, chains, padlocks, threaded rods, wires, locks & many other objects.


The above-mentioned bolt cutters are the best available in the market. To upgrade your toolbox, you need to grab one of these latest designed fascinating bolt cutters as soon as possible. Cut through & short-list to pick up your favorite product and grab the best bolt cutter for yourself.



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